StartIsGone removes the Start button from Windows 8.1

Lewis Leong


Developer WinAero has released an app called StartIsGone to remove the Start button from Windows 8.1. One of the biggest complaints from users of Windows 8 was the lack of a Start button. Microsoft received so much backlash for removing the Start button that it brought it back in the upcoming Windows 8.1 update. Now users have a choice to kill the Start button forever with StartIsGone.

The good thing about the Windows platform is that users have choices. Those who want the Start button back can wait for Windows 8.1 and those who don’t want it back can stick with Windows 8 or use StartIsGone when Windows 8.1 comes out. The advantage of removing the Start button is to maximize space in the Windows taskbar.

StartIsGone removes the Start button from Windows 8.1

You can get it for yourself at the source link below.


Source: WinAero

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