Windows 8.1 uses SkyDrive to search text in photos

Lewis Leong


Search in Windows 8.1 is about to get a bit smarter with the power of SkyDrive. Microsoft is rolling out optical character recognition (OCR) to SkyDrive users, allowing Windows and Windows Phone users to search for text within a photo. This makes finding your photos much easier.

OCR for cloud storage is nothing new and is something that Google already does with Drive. Still, integrating SkyDrive into Windows universal search makes user content more accessible, requiring only one search to find results from many sources. Windows 8.1 will be able to leverage OCR to extract text from photos, reducing the space a whole photo takes up.

Windows 8.1 uses SkyDrive to search text in photos

In addition to rolling out OCR to SkyDrive, Microsoft has detailed that its “smart files” in Windows 8.1 uses 80% less space than requiring users to keep everything locally. SkyDrive allows users to select which files to store locally and those that are stored online only will have its thumbnails and file information stored offline for quick access.


For more information about smart files and SkyDrive, check out the source link below.

[Source: Inside SkyDrive Blog]

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